How to re-bond a porcelain veneer that has come off.

I have had porcelain veneers for 2.5 yrs now. They keep coming off etc, etc. The left one has been replaced 5 times. I now just had them both redone only to have them come off a week later… please explain.
– Kelley from Chicago

The reason your porcelain veneers keep coming off is they aren’t bonded properly. When they are bonded properly, they have to be ground off – they won’t come off no matter how hard you try.

And, at this point, you have an added complication, in that re-bonding them takes even more specialized procedures that very few dentists know how to do and have the right equipment to be able to perform. The porcelain veneer should be cleaned off with acetone; that dissolves the existing composite resin on it. The tooth it was bonded to should also be cleaned off down to the natural tooth structure. The best way to clean the tooth off would be with a micro-etcher, which blows a stream of aluminum oxide particles that will remove composite bonding material but not affect the tooth structure. Then the porcelain has to be etched. Again, a common way to do this is with the micro-etcher, but I would go a step further and also etch it with hydrofluoric acid.

After that, I would prime the porcelain with a silane coupling agent such as Scotchprime by 3M, and then bond it with conventional porcelain bonding techniques. And then it will be on for good.

Clearly, your dentist doesn’t know this stuff. But you’re in Chicago, where you have a number of excellent cosmetic dentists. Check the website They have several cosmetic dentists they recommend in the Chicago area. If you go to one of them, I am confident they would know how to take care of this and get these veneers bonded on correctly. This website is run by an accredited cosmetic dentist who lists recommended dentists all around the country. Dr. Sadati is his recommended cosmetic dentist in West Palm Beach, and he had to submit photographs of his work and have his credentials examined in order to be listed there. Don’t have any veneers removed that haven’t come off, but when each one comes off, go and have that one fixed correctly. It would be nice if your current dentist would cover this cost, but if he or she doesn’t, it’s still well worth the expense to get this done right.

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